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Introducing Derora, a Hertfordshire, UK based natural skincare company. Derora takes the best of nature to produce an expanding range of carrier and essential oils, waters and nature inspired skincare products. All Derora products are backed by our extensive knowledge of cosmetics, toiletries and skincare; we use only the highest-purity, natural ingredients whilst ensuring we minimise our environmental impact.


Good Moroccan argan oil. It has multi benefits such as nourishing skin, hair and nails. This product claims to be 100% pure and unrefined.Nice package. Great size. Good value for money. A little goes a long way.


This smells divine and the spray bottle is great coz u don't accidently put too much onto a cotton pad. The redness on my face has reduced quite dramatically. I spray it on after toning then apply my moisturiser while my face is still wet with the rose water that way more moisture is 'locked' into the skin.I'm sold! And, won't buy any other type of rose water again.